The Fondation suisse is a member of the Association des Sites Le Corbusier. Within this framework, we participate actively in the joint projects of the member associations. In a joint initiative, the Association des Sites Le Corbusier has submitted an application to the Council of Europe for certification as a “Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe“, proposing a route including about 20 architectural sites built by Le Corbusier. The cultural route “Le Corbusier Destinations” was certified in 2019. It encourages the traveller to discover the whole work built by Le Corbusier and its influence in Europe and beyond. The route seeks to structure and develop cultural and touristic exchanges and joint activities among the European Le Corbusier sites.

The certification “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” is a guarantee of excellence. The networks implement innovative activities and projects pertaining to five main priority fields of action: co-operation in research and development; enhancement of memory, history and European heritage; cultural and educational exchanges for young Europeans; contemporary cultural and artistic practice; cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development.