The International University Campus in Paris (CIUP) was founded just after WWI. Its mission is to promote exchanges between students, academics and artists from around the world in a spirit of tolerance. Each year it welcomes 12,000 students and academics of over 130 nationalities, who are dispersed among the residences to create a vibrant cross-cultural mix. The CIUP offers a range of services for both the university community and the wider public, including a library, a restaurant, sporting activities, a cultural agenda, social events, conferences and debates.


The 34-hectare campus, built on the site of a former military base, owes its development to the joint efforts of prominent academic and political figures backed by public and private funders (foreign countries, sponsors, higher education institutions, etc.).

Fourty residences and communal buildings were built between 1925 and 1969 in various styles, resulting in a real showcase of twentieth century architecture that features regionalist and classical references, the international modern movement and experimental architecture. The landscaped park is home to rare birds and a hundred species of trees. Today, in order to preserve and make the most of this heritage, the CIUP is engaged in an ambitious renovation and conservation programme. Four residences are listed as historic monuments: Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe (1925, L. Bechmann), Fondation suisse (1933, Le Corbusier and P. Jeanneret), Collège néerlandais (1938, W. Dudok), and Maison du Brésil (1959, L. Costa, Le Corbusier).

Many services are available to students and academics

The acc&ss Mobility Office is open year-round to give you advice about your stay.

The central library and the language space located in the Maison Internationale offer individual and group study areas. In addition, five specialised libraries are available in the Maison Heinrich Heine, the Maison du Japon, the Maison du Mexique and the Collège d’Espagne.

A wide range of sporting activities is offered by the International University Campus and by PUC (Paris University Club-International University Campus).

An evening at the campus theatre will help you relax after a long day studying at the library or working out in the weight room.

You can enjoy varied menus at one of the University Campus restaurants and cafeterias (the Resto U, “La Terrasse”, Maison Heinrich Heine, Collège d’Espagne, Comptoir coréen).

There is a branch of the BNP Paribas bank with an ATM at the main entrance to the Campus, to the left just after the arcades (open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.).