Every year, the residents are called on to participate actively in the life of the International University Campus in Paris (CIUP) and of its 40 residences. There are several forms of resident representation.

The Fondation suisse residents’ committee is made up of voluntary residents who are elected at the start of the academic year, according to a procedure common to the entire CIUP. This committee represents all the residents in dealings with the administration and the rest of the CIUP. It is also tasked, in agreement with the management, with promoting social, sports and cultural activities within the residence and fostering friendly ties and understanding between residents. Another of the committee’s responsibilities is to oversee the kitchens on each floor. It has a budget for implementing its initiatives. Members of the committee represent the residents of the Fondation suisse at the Residents’ Office (RO) and on the board of directors of the Fondation suisse.

The Residents’ Office (RO)

The RO represents all the residents’ committees in dealings with the International University Campus General Delegation. It meets at least once a month with the director of the General Delegation, and informally on the initiative of residents throughout the year. A forum for exchange, information and discussion, the RO is concerned with and makes proposals on all issues affecting life on the International University Campus. The RO is formed when the residents’ committees are elected; two members of the RO are nominated from each residence.

Resident directors

To ensure the continuity of student representation, the RO elects two of its members to sit on the Board of the National Foundation, International University Campus.