Before you apply for residence at the International University Campus in Paris (CIUP), there are several points you should consider:

The CIUP is a unique place. It offers comfortable yet economical housing in the heart of the city and many opportunities for sporting, cultural and social activities with students from around the world. However, living on this exceptional site is not the same as renting a studio flat in town or a room in another student residence, such as CROUS residences. As well as respecting the general rules of communal living, all those admitted to the CIUP must adhere to the values and regulations specific to the Campus and to the residence they are staying in.

  • For Swiss nationals or C permit holders, admission to the CIUP does not necessarily mean staying at the Fondation suisse. Are you prepared to live in one of the 17 residences on the campus with which the Fondation suisse has exchange agreements ?
  • Admission to the CIUP is highly selective, with many applications for few places. Have you planned alternative solutions in case your application is unsuccessful?

To be eligible to apply to the International University Campus, you must fit one of two profiles:

1/ Student residents (Master’s and Doctorate level)

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and not have a PhD.
  • Must be enrolled in at least their fourth year of higher education in a public higher education institution, with priority going to those in the Ile-de-France region, or in a foreign institution with a partnership agreement with a French higher education institution, or in a private higher education institution on a state-accredited degree programme.

The admission decision for any student resident is valid for a term not exceeding 12 months, from September to June, renewable twice at most. The duration of stay cannot exceed 30 months, accumulated over a period of four consecutive years. The minimum stay is two months. Semester-long or year-long stays are given preference over shorter stays.

Artists may be admitted if the degree or diploma they are working towards follows on from three years of higher education and is issued by a recognised institution. Similarly, elite athletes must at the same time be enrolled in an institution of recognised standing. Admissions are valid for a duration not exceeding 12 months, and may be renewed once.

2/ Visiting scholar residents (PhD+: postdoctoral fellows and PhD++: researchers, academics)

  • Must hold a doctorate.
  • Must have an appointment as a postdoctoral fellow or visiting scholar at a higher education (or research) institution in the Paris region.

For postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars, stays must be at least three months long. Admission is valid from date to date, for a duration not exceeding 12 months, renewable once.

Application procedure

1/ Candidates of Swiss nationality or with a C permit

Please follow the instructions given here

2/ Candidates of other nationalities

To be admitted to the International University Campus in Paris, students must contact the residence that represents their nationality or, if their nationality is not represented by a residence, the National Foundation of the International University Campus in Paris.